Trowbridge Square

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Neighborhood 1st developed in 1830 by abolitionist Simeon Jocelyn as Village of Spireworth , expanded by Thomas Trowbridge. For more info see

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  • 63 Spring Ave New Haven, CT 06519 - Hill
    Between 3-7pm drugs can be purchased right out of the front yard of 63 Spring Street courtesy of the new 2nd flr tenants! 3 Mexican gentleman 'post up' on the corner of Spring and Cedar, in the front yard of 63 Spring, and in a green velour chair between the houses that enables them to sit behind the bushes in the yard. They just moved in a couple of months ago and now have a booming business despite the woman and son who also live in the unit. Too many drug addicts/ baseheads are now found lingering on this corner at nite and early morning. (Thanks for all your advice regarding calling the police. I called the narcotics division and reported the problem over 2 weeks ago) I appreciate your comments, but would appreciate your vote alot more. Thanks
  • Liberty Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    So I saw that an issue regarding a BIKE RACK was acknowledged by a city department but something as serious as drug dealing in our neighborhoods is not? What is wrong with this picture? Give me an answer!
  • Elm At Norton New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    I live on the corner of Norton and Elm, and I think Elm Street needs some speed bumps or the traffic light needs to be changed so that it blinks red on both sides in order to prevent people from blasting through. Not only do cars speed down Elm entirely too fast for a residential neighborhood that is full of children, but guys on dirtbikes are also a huge nuisance. The dirtbike problem mystifies me, as there is a police substation one block away. Why should we be subjected to this danger and noise every day? If there were a few speedbumps on Elm these problems would be solved instantly.
  • 136 Carlisle Street New Haven, Connecticut - Hill
    I am an acoustics professor from Germany. I was amazed by the decibel of emergency vehicles. What NH has is ILLEGAL in our country because it is PROVEN to damage eardrums. Why doesn't Mayor Harp do something about this? As a professor of seventeen years, I will state a fact: the sirens are literally deafening.
  • 101 Putnam St New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    The roots of a tree in front of our home have totally destroyed the sidewalk to the point were it has become hazardous, my toddler can't even play with his tricycle in the front of the house. As you can see from the picture most of Putnam st has new sidewalks but they totally by-passed the front of my house.
  • Potholes Archived
    Congress Ave Between Davenport And Cedar Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    Congress desperately needs repaving; it is riddled with potholes
  • 224-244 Union Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Long Wharf
    Only about half of the bus drivers automatically kneel the bus when putting bikes on or off. Bikes are heavy and clumsy, and the lowered 6 inches makes it much easier to load and unload. I would like the CT Transit supervisors to remind drivers to always lower the bus for bikes, it is a courtesy and prevents back strain and hernias.
  • Drug dealing Archived
    Liberty Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    Drug dealers living at the brick building on the corner of Liberty Street and Carlisle. They work with the drug dealers living at the white and blue dilapidated house 3 doors up.
  • 47-49 Salem Street New Haven, CT - Hill

    A green van vehicle license # 730YNA/4door has been leaking anti-freeze or break fluid into the ground and onto the sidewalks of 47-49 Salem Street, New Haven, Ct 06519. The owner lives at 49 Salem Street-2nd floor, New Haven,Ct. Watch out for the pit bull!

    September 29, 2012 Update:

    Nothing has changed to date, the cars still'i park in the same spots as reported. Only random so it won't be noticed. Would love to take a picture of the anti-freeze or oil spillage into the ground; I would be intemidated against if anyone knew who reported the problem : I have to live here! Only trying to help with an environmental problem.

    November 10, 2012 Update

    The residents still park in the sme spot that was reported from the beginning, the only difference is that changed is they park either late at night or on the weekend. Also, the trash cans have been in front of the house since trash pick-up Wednesday and they have been placing trash into the bins (4) of them every day. What a mess!!!

  • 600 Long Wharf Drive New Haven Ct - Hill

    On 1/30/2012 around 9:00PM at night I was driving on the northbound lane on Long Wharf Drive, just pass the Maritime Center in New Haven, Ct when I hit a big pothole that blew out my two passanger side tires and bent my rims.

    As I was waiting for the police and tow truck to come two other cars had the same promblem.

    Please Fix ASAP!

    Lucy Laureano

  • Liberty Street New Haven, CT - Hill
    Unbelievable...The potheads at 64 Liberty Street causing a ruckus day and night. People cannot sleep well because there is constant arguing and then loud laughing and loud music to drown out the conversations. I wish the police would come when they are called because then the gunshot wouldn't have gone through my neighbor's house.
  • 202 Barnes Ave New Haven CT 06513 USA - Hill
    water goes behind the drain causing a backup in my driveway down to the garage doors. Drain needs to be moved back some. And also by the water sitting still the gravel around the drain is causing a pot hole which i have to hit everytime i leave my driveway and causing damage to my car.This has been reported before and I was told to rise up my driveway. This is not the answer. Please respond to this issue .