Customizable 311 apps for government

White-label the SeeClickFIx app for your community. Put your agency’s brand in the app store and in the pocket of citizens with features behind the scenes including:

  • Citizens can pay a ticket, ask a question, take a survey, learn about road closures and much more with custom Mobile Buttons.
  • Organizations receive clear, actionable requests that are automatically routed to the right official within the SeeClickFix CRM or through one of our 20 support integrations.
  • Join hundreds of local governments throughout the country!
A collection of different SeeClickFix dedicated app icons, including the main SeeClickFix app.

Submit helpful service requests; connect with your neighbors in the process.

  • Receive notifications when your service request has been updated.
  • Follow neighbor’s service requests to government that you care about also.
  • Follow specific locations where you want to help be part of the fix. Clean-up a park, shovel out a neighbor. Civic engagement possible with SeeClickFix does not have to stop with the reporting of a pothole.
A phone showing several SeeClickFix issues in a specific watch area.

For citizens, governments, universities, HOAs and everyone — let’s build a better community together.

SeeClickFix breaks down the silos between local government and citizens while enabling constructive citizen communication. Together we can improve the world by acting and communicating together in our own front yards.

A phone showing several users connecting over a specific community issue.
A cartoon neighborhood using SeeClickFix.

Better Neighborhoods Build a Better World

Download our citizen apps, or reach out to learn more about using SeeClickFix for your organization.

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