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  • Charter Oak Before One Way Street - East Haven
    Everyday on several occasions a young boy is constantly flying down Charter Oak in a 99-2001 White Volkswagen Jetta. Speeds are in the 50-60mph range. Disregards pedestrians, other cars. POLICE TAKE NOTICE: Tonight at approximately 8:30-9pm two flybys with complete disregard for stop sign and speed limit. 50mph with increasing speed after the sign and up the hill towards the airport.
  • 1-33 Chidsey Ave East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    There is a big, white van right at the end of Chidsey Ave. where it meets Prospect. If you are coming down the street, you can't see the stop sign. It's been there and they won't move it
  • 143 Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    i know many of complaints have been made about the ongoing trash problem at this house. We've looked at this mess all week, not to mention the mess in the back yard, which was on the side of the house and after so many complaints simply moved to the back. When does it become an issue for the city to do something about it, fine the landlord or tenants, please help this is a health hazard.
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  • Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Thank you to the city of new haven, for the first time in a very long time my street was clean as a whistle, myself and the neighbors are very greatful! We still have a few though who chose to park on the street hampering the efforts of the plows and us as residents who park off street so they can be cleaned. Now those neighbors haven taken up parking where we broke our backs for hours yesterday. Is there something that can be done about this? Talking to them does no good, and the landlord of the home doesn't care at all, he doesn't even come to shovel the sidewalk or stairs.
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  • Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    I'd like to know when the city will start enforcing having cars ticketed and towed during snow storms. I am tired of ruining my lawn every snow storm to keep my vehicles off the road and the neighbors choose to leave theirs on the street which means the street isn't getting cleared properly. Then I need to come out and shovel the @#$% street so I can park again, unless the neighbor decides that they will take the space. Its about time that we see some enforcement in our neighborhood, we pay taxes too!
  • Tree Limbs Closed
    17 Gerrish Ave East Haven, Connecticut - East Haven
    There are large tree limbs hanging over the electrical wires and across Gerrish Ave. that need to be taken down before the next big storm. The town and electrical company have been called several times about this with no resolution
  • Mamauguin east haven, connecticut - East Haven
    I just got my car broken into and the bastards stole alot of valuable property. Ive been asking around and ive learned that this is happening alot in east haven. Keep a watch out!
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  • 146 Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    The gas company recently came and placed the meters on the outside of the house. In doing so they removed the "cap" for the gas to the house on the sidewalk and replaced it with some tar which now has sunk leaving a fairly large enough hole int he sidewalk. How can I get the cap back or get someone to come out and fix the situation? I've contacted the gas company but no response.
  • Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Another day gone by and not a plow insight. I guess tomorrow we will be told again that it will be extended to Monday, oh wait, Monday is a holiday so city workers get the day off. We resorted to digging our own spots ont he street and take the chance of having our cars it because there is not enough room for parking on both sides. People still parking on the odd side, why should they move, its like a joke, no one comes to our neighborhood to enforce the rules.
  • Snow Removal Archived
    Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT - East Shore
    We received one drive through from a plow on Monday and no one has come back since. You can't park on the even side, snow is way too high and with more snow on the way neighbors here are a bit on edge. Is there any plans to remove this for us soon?
  • 1-25 Guilford Ct East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Haven
    The entrance to Guilford Court is all slush and you can't get traction to get out of the street. Also the snowbanks on either side make it impossible to see oncoming traffic from either direction. It's an accident waiting to happen!
  • Cosy Beach East haven, Ct - East Haven





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